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40 days in Quarantine and Continuing to Serve

This Saturday Martins will reach the 40th day of serving only bagged meals. 40 days is the medieval limit of quarantine, however, we will continue to serve this way until we feel that the safety of our guests and volunteers will not be compromised by increased physical proximity and contact. We will base this decision on information we receive from state and local experts plus we will be watching the infection rate among our guests which may lag somewhat behind the general population.

We have received a lot of support from all of you. We are putting out a request for masks to hand out to our guests. Any masks are helpful but reusable cloth masks are probably best and preferably the ones that hook behind the ears.

We received a sponsorship from a vegan organization who now help with the cost of two of our meals per week and we make sure everything in the bag on those two days is vegan.

In general, our Martin’s family has been generous in its ongoing effort to help us pay for all the extra paper products and bottled water which we have to buy. We would not survive without the San Francisco Food Bank! They need and deserve everyone’s support!

The seven of us, known as The Pandemics, are holding up well. We have a good routine, we take turns cooking and we do, actually, have fun. If you’d like to hear more, check out Walter’s interview on KALW. The number of guests has remained steady but it does appear that more people are gradually getting housed.

We hope that you all are safe and healthy and look forward to the time when we will all be preparing Martin’s meals together, again.