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Back to work after August Break

Hello to all volunteers from the Pandemic 7!

“The seven” enjoyed a restful August break and here we are headed into fall and there appears to be no possibility of significant change in the way that Martins serves our guests during this Pandemic. We continue to explore ideas of ways in which we can include, at least some of you, in our meal preparation but, inevitably, we run up against the limitations of safety; safety for all of us, as well as for our guests.

That being said, the deciding factor in the future appears to be when a viable vaccine will be widely available. In the meantime, we need and appreciate your support from a safe distance.

We are serving, on average, 180 meals per day. The soup schedule is: Tuesday, potato, Wednesday, minestrone, Thursday, blackeyed pea, Friday, split pea and Saturday, lentil. Sunday and Monday we serve a brunch with oatmeal and pastries. We are able to get many of the extra treats for the bags at the San Francisco Food Bank. They are such an amazing resource!

The bags, the cups, the sanitary supplies and masks, the socks which we give out once a week, the bottled water, the rental of the outhouse and hand-washing sink and the purchasing of produce and dry goods are our primary expenses.

We have lively interactions on a daily basis with the guests who appear to be managing their lives as well as ever. Many were housed in hotels early on and most seem very happy about that. There is no way of knowing how long the city will continue to support that program which makes everyone a bit nervous.

Even though the time and space for hospitality with the guests is severely limited, for now, there is, as there has always been in our Martin’s family, an intense feeling of kindness and love that flows in both directions as we share in this blessed ritual of caring for each other.

We miss you all and are so grateful for the many ways in which you make us aware of your supportive presence. It means more than you can possibly know!

In love and continued good health,
The Pandemic Seven

PS – If you know of anyone who does not receive this e-newsletter and wishes to, send them to our website where they can sign up for it.