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Holiday Cupcakes and updates

Dear Martin’s family,

Last month’s pie drop-off was a massive success! Dozens of volunteers participated and were happy for the chance to mingle with other Martin’s friends. We received 100+ homemade pies and hundreds of books for our free library. We served 265 delicious Thanksgiving meals to our very appreciative guests. There was so much pie we even served it for the following two meals!

For our Christmas Eve meal we want to serve something equally special. We are seeking volunteers to bake homemade Christmas-themed cupcakes! If you’re interested it’s important to RSVP as our winter break begins the following day and we won’t be able to serve extra cupcakes. To RSVP, email Walter and say whether you’ll be baking either 1 or 2 dozen Christmas cupcakes! Remember, fresh homemade treats are the goal and be sure to RSVP. The Christmas cupcake drop-off will be on Monday, December 21st from 4pm to 6pm.

Thank you and have blessed holiday season!