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Spring Update

2023 Potluck

Hello friends, volunteers and supporters,

Last week was the three year anniversary of the day we closed the kitchen and began serving bag lunches in response to the news about COVID-19. That day we made and served 265 bags and it wasn’t until March 1st of this year that we, finally, discontinued filling bags and are using only refillable containers for takeaway. We are thrilled to be discontinuing the use of disposable products!

We hesitate to use the word “normal” but it does feel as though things are returning to some semblance of familiarity. More and more guests are choosing to remain here to eat, shower and visit. We are, again, serving a variety of delicious, fresh salads along with the soup. The number of guests we serve daily has not changed significantly over the past three years, however, that may change as more and more of the safety nets that were put in place in response to the pandemic are removed.

The Valentine’s potluck in February was a very joyful event. Everyone is, clearly, happy to reconnect with each other and with Martins. In addition, more volunteers are returning or arriving for the first time. Our community is reviving!

We have revitalized our Board Of Directors, adding three new members. In addition, we are in the process of revising and enhancing the board’s role in Martin’s day-to-day operations.

We are grateful for all the support you have provided throughout these past years and for the enthusiasm everyone has shown in bringing Martins back for all of us to share and love!

In peace, love and gratitude!