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Weathering the storm, updates, and Annual Memorial

In all the uncertainty and tension of these times, here at Martins there is one thing that never fails, the guests continue to show up and we continue to offer them a lovingly home-cooked meal and whatever comfort being welcomed and greeted warmly can bring.

The skies in San Francisco which were, one day, so filled with the smoke of devastating fires that we were forced to floodlight our serving table at noon just to see what we were doing, have cleared for now. It is tempting to feel as though we have possibly weathered the worst of this unsettling and turbulent time, however, that may not be the case. In any event, we will continue to enjoy the fresh air and to serve in whatever capacity we can.

In the name of keeping the Pandemic Seven healthy and rested we made the difficult decision to only offer meals on Monday through Saturday so that we could all rest on Sunday. The guests, as always, were incredibly supportive and understanding. Other than that change, things remain the same. Our operation is very efficient and we feel prepared to carry on the way we are for the long haul.

We are constantly grateful for your support and pray that you are all staying safe and healthy. Our Annual Memorial (click for details) will be virtual this year and held on Sunday, November 1 from 2 – 4PM and stay tuned for a Thanksgiving update.

Love and best wishes always,
The Pandemic Seven



In Memoriam

Julia Dyett

December 1974-August 2020

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