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Update: Opening up the Dining Room

We are very happy to announce that Martins will be open for indoor dining on September 5th, Labor Day. We are so pleased to, finally, be able to welcome our guests into our dining room! This feels like the final step in this phase of recovery from the limitations imposed upon us by the pandemic. More and more of our guests are choosing to eat their meals here rather than to take food to go so an expansion into the dining room is timely.

For the time being our schedule of 6 meals a week served from 12:00-2:00, closed on Sundays, will remain unchanged. However, we will continue to add nutritious and in-house-made items to our meals.

Everything has been running smoothly through the summer. We took our annual summer break in early August and had two productive “work days” during that time. The beauty of our garden has recently been enhanced by the addition of an olive tree and several new flowering plants. We currently offer showers twice a week and massage once a week. The medical van is available, also, once a week.

Going forward, decisions concerning changes in our operations will be made, primarily, based upon the number of volunteers who are available to help out on our crews. The more volunteers we have the more services we will be able to provide. If you are a past volunteer and have been thinking of getting involved, again, now is a good time!

For volunteer information please call 415-552-0240 between the hours of 9:00 and 4:00.

We are always grateful for all the support from our Martins family.

In peace and love!

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