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Holiday Cookie Drop-Off

Dear Martin’s family,

It’s that time of the year and, once again, we are seeking volunteers for our Holiday Cookie drop-off. Yes, you heard correctly, cookies, not cupcakes this year!

We want to thank everyone who participated with our special Thanksgiving pie drop-off recently. The pies were a hit with our guests. This year we are planning a Christmas Eve takeout meal similar to last year’s and seeking volunteers to bake some homemade cookies to be included. Ideally, folks would bake 4 dozen cookies.

Drop off will be Wednesday December 22, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. If you’re interested in participating please RSVP and say how many dozen cookies you plan to bring.

Remember fresh, homemade cookies are the goal. If baking is not your thing, we are seeking donations of books for our Little Library that we have for our guests on Fridays. Our guests enjoy things like  novels, mysteries, and science fiction. They also enjoy puzzle books like crosswords and Sudoku. We have more than enough religious and political books, if you can refrain from donating these kinds of items.

Please feel free to safely socialize in our garden, if you wish, during the event. Thanks in advance and we hope to see you soon.

The Pandemic Crew